How Brands Are Like To Be Affected By Modifications of Instagram Feed

Instagram’s recent announcement that it would be changing the way a user views his feed has created quite a flutter with marketers. The algorithm that governs the feed of Instagram would behave more like that of Facebook, wherein the feed would be customized as per the habits of the user. According to Instagram, this change has been necessitated due to the fact that as of now most people are missing out on about 70% of their feeds. Instagram is of the opinion that the change in the algorithm will now deliver feeds that are more relevant to the user as it will be based on what they are really interested in.

This step seems to be a relevant one, keeping in mind the platform’s exponential growth that has seen its user base rocket to above 400 million in a record time. However, many people have severe reservations and more than 190,000 have petitioned that Instagram should retain its chronological feed style, as otherwise not only small businesses would find their reach severely limited but also undermine the democratic nature of the feed. It is unlikely that Instagram will go back on its announcement regardless of the vociferousness of the opposition so there could be a lot of impact on brands and marketers. Some likely issues:

Growth in the Number of Followers

The major problem faced with the chronological feed model is that with the growth in the number of followers, the feed becomes unusable to a large degree due to the clutter. Because Instagram is intent on not only making the overall experience relevant and more engaging for its followers but also to organically grow the platform, the only way this can be done is by filtering the posts as per the interest of the users. The impact of this strategy is that users will now be able to follow accounts that they really like, and these accounts, in turn, can grow much larger. However, marketers will no longer be as certain that their posts are being viewed by all their followers, so the actual count of followers that is the benchmark of account popularity currently will no longer be as relevant.

As of now, it is not quite possible to tell how much the changed algorithm will restrict marketer’s reach but if you go by what has been seen in the case of Facebook, organic growth can become far more difficult. Even in the matter of measuring reach, the total number of followers will tend to become irrelevant, and an increasing number of followers will actually begin to follow more Instagram accounts of their choice. You can learn how to get on top of these marketing challenges by tapping the expertise of the digital marketing team at Instamacro.

Engagement Will Be Even More Vital Than Before

When marketers are faced with an algorithm that prioritizes content based on what it perceives your interest to be in, it becomes all the more imperative for content to be really engaging. If they really want to compete effectively, they will need to focus on creating content with an appeal that will lead to a greater level of engagement. Since marketers will no longer have the assurance of guaranteed reach, there will be a lot of pressure on creating content that is relevant to the target audience and locks them in time. It is expected that overall reach will be dependent on the degree of engagement that the content has rather than just the sheer number of followers.

Influencer Demand Will Rise

Because marketers are likely to find it increasingly difficult to get across to their target audiences organically, they will need to explore other methods. This means that the importance of influencers will rise dramatically. There will also be a greater emphasis on identifying influencers who may have lesser numbers of followers but with a higher level of engagement. Marketers will prefer to work increasingly with influencers with a higher level of engagement so that they can connect better with their followers.

Author bio: Marsha Burton heads the digital marketing initiative for a lifestyle product brand that has been creating waves with its innovative designs. Marsha has extensively interacted with Instamacro to position her brand better on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Purchasing a Salvage Car – A Good Idea to Save Money

Buying salvage title cars have always been a matter of some debate. While there are some who firmly believe that salvage title cars offer superb value for money, there is a wave of criticism that it is impossible for buyers to really figure out the extent of damage suffered by a salvage car, besides which, there are innumerable problems with financing and insurance. Some basic reasons why many people still prefer buying salvage cars:

The Advantage of Low Cost

The most compelling reason why people prefer salvage cars to pre-owned vehicles is because they come at a really rock-bottom price. After all, these vehicles have been written off by the insurance company on the premise that the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the car. However, due to the extremely low cost, some problems do arise. It is impossible for anyone to really figure out the worth of the vehicle as no blue book site values them. This is the main reason why most sellers of salvage vehicles are glad to sell them even for a pittance. Earlier, transactions for salvage title cars used to be quite limited as buyers and sellers were unable to locate each other but the advent of numerous online auction sites have made it quite easy.

Low Insurance Premiums

Since the value of salvage title vehicles is very low, experienced buyers use this to their advantage by shopping for insurance companies who offer insurance premiums that are commensurately low. As a result, the cost of ownership is perhaps the lowest possible; not only is the car bought for next to nothing but also the insurance premium is quite low in a reflection of its actual worth. Most often, buyers of salvaged cars for sale without any experience will find it difficult, if not impossible, to find insurance companies willing to insure the cars. Even if they are agreeable, they often quote premiums that are sky-high, while still others may offer to cover at usual premiums but in the event of a claim payout close to nothing.

Maximum Savings

Experienced buyers of salvage title cars understand very well that after buying a particular car they would have to live with it for the rest of its operational life because there is no market for a resale. But this is not a deterrent at all for people looking out for a means of transport that’s completely functional. They consider that the salvage car has saved them lots of money if it has served them reliably for a number of years as otherwise, they would have had to buy cars far more expensive in comparison. When all you are concerned is about getting from point A to point B at the least possible cost, salvage cars are the answer.

Twin Car Strategy to Save Money

Another great way of saving money, according to buyers of salvage cars, is to make the salvage title vehicle the second but primary form of transport. They go ahead and buy or lease a really nice car that they use as a family vehicle or for making long trips while the salvage car is used for the daily commute and donkey work. Since the first car is used sparingly, the mileage clocked up can be quite low permitting you to take advantage of the really low lease rates. Even if you are buying it outright, the value of the car is preserved better. Even the insurance for the first vehicle can be taken on the pay-as-you-drive basis that can work out quite cheap while the salvage car insurance premium is anyway low due to its minimal value.

Author bio: Robin Handel is an insurance appraiser who inspects vehicles that have been damaged to establish the extent and cost of repairs needed. He is an expert in deciding the true worth of salvaged cars for sale and is frequently consulted by buyers of such vehicles.



Building Financial Security For Your Family

As the head of your family, you naturally want to provide for them, whether it’s just you, your spouse and baby, or a busy family of six. Building up financial security takes time, to be sure, but it all starts with a plan. Socking away money as soon as you can is key to ensuring financial stability throughout the decades.

Savings as Expenses

We all have bills we have to pay — no matter what – each month. But if you treat your savings as a regular expense to be paid, you will reap the benefits down the road. Just like you would pay rent or your mortgage, come up with a set amount out of your paycheck that goes straight to your retirement savings. Treating this as a recurring expense, ideally taken out automatically from your check, means you don’t even know what you’re missing.

Add to a Tax-Deferred Account

When you contribute pre-set amounts to a tax-deferred retirement account, you avoid those impulse spending amounts that open you up to tax consequences and penalties. For example, dipping into your retirement account before the age of 59 1/2 slams you with a 10 percent early-distribution penalty. Add as much as you can to your employer-sponsored 401(k) plan, as well as open a Roth or traditional IRA.

Plan it Out

When thinking about retirement, you know you want to have enough money to be comfortable and perhaps travel a bit. Yes, it costs money to travel and do all those things you always wanted to do, but you can’t forget about everyday expenses such as medical and dental costs, income taxes and long-term care. Making accurate projections about what you will need in actuality will serve you well later. Sit down and come up with a list of what you will need in your retirement years and factor that into your plan.

Expecting the Unexpected

Raising a family isn’t always easy. Things go wrong, people lose their jobs or get sick. Build into your investment plan a way to tackle those curve balls so you’re not left helpless. Build up your emergency savings, enough to cover you for up to six months. Ensure your life, health and disability insurance is enough to realistically cover your family if you or your spouse gets sick or incapacitated.

Open a Side Business

If you’re a stay at home mom and want a way to contribute to the family’s savings, consider turning your hobby into an online business. For example, you can sell crafts and homemade items, build up a clientele and make some real money, all with no overhead and low start-up costs. All you need is $100 to get your website up and running. If your business does well further down the line, you can sell it for a song. Investing in yourself – and your skills – is key, says Kiplinger.

Pay Down Debt Steadily

Maybe your wedding put you back some, or you traveled a lot in your 20s before the kids came along. Perhaps you’re still paying off those student loans. Whatever the case, pay down your debt steadily. If you have credit card debt, pay off the highest interest rate cards first to avoid falling victim to bad credit or sky-high payments each month.

Get Diverse

Just like you wouldn’t place all your bets on one hand at the casino when you have a family, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to retirement assets. Pigeonholing your savings to one type of account or just one stock increases your risk of loss, severely limiting your ROI. That’s why asset allocation is critical. Many factors play into how aggressive you get on your portfolio, including your age (the younger you are, the easier it is to play it safe in the stock market) and your tolerance for risk.

Finding a stock broker and financial planner you trust is a big part of developing a sound financial strategy for your family. But not everyone has your best interests at heart. Don’t get burned by a professional who claims to be managing your funds wisely. This is why every person should know a securities fraud lawyer just in case. Call Thomas Law Group today to find out how we help families recover investment loss.



Top 3 Investment Strategies

There are all sorts of opportunities for people to invest in around the world in order to make a little (or lot) of extra money. From stocks and shares to precious metals, ISAs, forex and more, if you’re looking to put some of your finances into an investment then there is a lot of choice.


To become successful making any type of investment a strong strategy is required. These can vary as much as the types of commodities and products that are possible to invest in, and depending on your situation and goals, one may be better suited than another. Here we present three of the best investment strategies to use in 2016.

  1. Technical Analysis

Technical traders use charts and graphs made up of data from recent markets to seek out patterns and trends to help predict future movements. They then act on these predictions and hope to make a profit through technical analysis.

It is one of the most methodical strategies and with practice the same types of patterns can soon be picked out and reacted to accordingly. This differs a lot from fundamental analysis which instead analyses the characteristics of a company to discover its value rather than the price movements.

  1. Diversify Investments

The phrase “putting all your eggs in one basket” applies to the idea of diversifying investments. If someone put all their funds into backing one company, currency or commodity to rise in value and instead it dropped massively then they could end up losing out a lot.

Instead it is a wiser move to diversify investments across a range of different places. Don’t just focus on one market or asset. This doesn’t protect against a loss and in some cases may reduce profit chances, but it does provide the potential to reduce losses by casting a wider net.

  1. Separate Emotion from Investment

Especially when trading forex through ETX Capital and even investing in stocks, it can be hard to keep your emotions in check. If a currency you possess in abundance is rising in value it can be hard to sell at the right moment, while on the other hand you may not be keen to sell one lowering in price for fear of losing out.

However, when investing in anything you need to take a step back and look at it from an objective point of view. Letting your emotions get involved can lead to trouble and the making of risky, rash decisions. An objective strategy will prove far more beneficial.



Car Pawn Loans vs Bank Loans

Car Pawn Loans or title loans as they are often called are an increasingly popular way to raise cash fast. The major benefits of using a car pawn loan instead of a traditional bank loan are fast access to cash, no background checks and no affect on your credit rating.

So how do car pawn loans work?

As the name suggests you are using your motor vehicle as collateral and receiving a loan based on the equity in your vehicle. There are two types of car pawn loans, one where you are required to leave your vehicle with the lender and another where you can pawn your car and still drive it. If you click the link you will be taken to an example of such a loan company.

To secure this type of asset loan you will be required to visit the lender with your motor vehicle and title papers. The lender will assess the value of your vehicle and provide you with a short-term loan based on their assessment. Typically a car pawn loan is for a thirty to sixty day period but longer terms may be arranged with the lending company.

Finding a car pawn loan company in your area can be done via a quick Google search. Be sure to check the fine print for interest rate repayments and these may vary from lender to lender. Also keep in mind that should you not be able to repay the loan on time, you must contact the lender immediately to make alternate arrangements or you risk losing your vehicle.

The entire loan process in most cases takes no more than thirty minutes and interest rates vary from 7% – 20% depending on the lender. Once you have repaid the loan in full the transaction is complete and your title will be returned.

Tips to shift a business plan to a business growth plan

If your business has already gone through the startup stage, then you need to consider the tips that take it a step further. Growing a business requires good planning, use of proper tools, continuous care, dedication, and organizational skills. For any business to achieve its goals, it is important to follow a specific sequence of steps.


Get organized

The first thing you need to do while planning your business strategy is to get organized and the best way to do this is to create a to-do list for your daily tasks. This will help you to complete all your tasks in time and stay on top of tasks to be performed. As you finish each task, check it off your list. This way, you’ll not forget anything and you’ll finish all the tasks that are essential for your business to succeed.

Maintain detailed records

If you want your business to succeed, you need to maintain complete records related to your business. By doing this, you’ll get to know the financial position of your business and also the potential challenges you could be facing like how to consolidate credit card debt. Learning these important details gives you enough time to build up strategies that will help you overcome these obstacles and thereby, ensure a significant growth in your business.

Analyze your competition

Analyzing your competition is yet another thing you will need to consider when trying to grow as a business. If your competitors are doing something unimportant, just ignore it, but if they are doing something important for the business to grow you can implement it.

Be well informed of the risks and rewards

It is also important to be well informed of the risks and rewards of every decision you make, as this helps you to handle tough situations easily and generate tremendous rewards for your business.

Be creative

Another interesting way of ensuring your business grows is to be creative, as this helps you stand out from the rest in the industry. Be ready to accept new ideas as well as approaches.

Find partners

As your business grows, you may sometimes find it difficult to handle it as a single business owner. Hence, you need to find one or more trusted partners who can contribute to capital and share their skills to help the business grow. A partner doesn’t mean that he completely takes over the control of your business. Rather, look for a partner who has more experience and expertise, especially in areas where you lack the skills.

Learn to make sacrifices

Learning to make sacrifices is another important thing you will have to do and this will require you to invest more time for your business and hence, less time with your family and friends.

Provide great service

Providing great service is essential for any business to grow as this ensures the existing customers come back to your store for more. Also, these customers recommend your product/service to others.

The above tips will definitely help you to maintain good business levels and to make the existing business grow.

Be ready to outsource your business with the following steps

It’s the dream of every businessman to raise the pyramid of success and this can be done in various ways. The best thing that you could emphasize for your company is that you could actually involve certain kinds outsourcing, which would be very beneficial for your business because it would no doubt help you to increase the annual earnings of your company. For a business owner, it would be a great success on your part as well. On the other hand, you can see that you can disseminate the benefit of success with other employees as well.


You all know that running a company is a tedious task and you need to face various types of uncertain problems. Most importantly, you need to concentrate on the word deadline. You know that everything in this world is fenced by time. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you should submit all the work within time only. Now sometimes, you and your small team face many dilemmas about how to accomplish the task. Sometimes, some employees might demur to accept that as well. Now, you need to combat these entire situations very bravely.

Prior to outsourcing, you need to follow certain steps:

Be clear to yourself:

Your first task would be to be clear to yourself, that is, you should have an exact notion of the service that you actually want to have. While doing the work, you might face a certain kind of the task, which you actually do not like to do, but you have to accomplish the task at any cost. In such cases, outsourcing would be the best option. Thus, you would find that the hectic job gets easier and you could humbly disseminate the responsibilities amongst the co-workers.

Make your decision:

Now is the time for you to decide, you need to prioritize the tasks that you actually want to complete. Moreover, you need to make a chart where you should list down all the important tasks, which you should then explain to the other outsourced people so that your task becomes smoother. The best would be that you should describe everything at length; this would definitely give you a desirable result.

Check out the qualification:

Since you are in a whirlpool of task, you feel perplexed, and in that time, you need to search for the people who would serve your company. In these kinds of cases, you cannot simply rely on the person. For this, you need to check out the qualification of the person, that too in detail. Once you recruit the person, your next task would be to determine the responsibilities of that concerned person. Remember that you need to be very curt so that you could find the right candidate. At the same time, you should also consider the fact of the budget, which is also quite essential.

Advertising the job:

Once the above-mentioned tasks are completed, your task would be to advertise the job. In that ad, you should mention every detail at length, that is the specific qualities as well as the skill that you are actually hankering to have in a candidate. This would help you to filter out the candidate that you exactly want to have.

Quest for the right candidate:

You always ought to get the perfect candidate for your team. Once a job is posted, it is a fact that you would get multiple candidates competing for one position. However, you should be specific while making the selection. One more thing, you should not be too choosy regarding the expenses incurred because it is tough to get the best among the milling people.

Filtering and interviewing:

Once you get the applications, filter them accordingly. In addition to this, you need to make sure to be concerned about the person’s previous employment status. After all these, you should be mentally prepared to ask the candidates various questions. Since the person is not within your reach like the other candidates, therefore you need to explain the task beforehand.

Proper training:

Once you select the candidates, you should have to train them as per the responsibilities entrusted to them. On the other way round, this would increase the possibility of learning at the same time; and the candidate would be prepared to face the world as well.

Well, the above-mentioned are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to get a successful business.


The Steps to Follow for Finding Your Corporate Accountant

UntitledFinding the right accountancy agency for your London business is a matter of listing your needs and matching them with an agency that provides the services that you presently require. By following a few steps you can navigate your way to a reliable and trustworthy accountant that is committed to the same level of excellence that your business strives for. Take a look at the following ideas as you search for a professional accountancy agency here in London to handle all of your financial needs.

  • All reputable central London accountants will have high standards and goals that meet the requirements set forth in governing bodies here in London. The accountant must be qualified and hold the credentials that demonstrate their abilities and skills when working with numbers, facts, and figures. So ask to see their credentials and any professional development certifications that they hold.
  • Next, you should pick an accountant for your London-based business who can communicate effectively with you so that together you can reach your business goals and objectives. Share your ideas with him if you’re just developing your business plan so that he can add his expertise to the corporate equation. Good communications will prevent problems that occur from misunderstandings or faulty explanations where no questions were asked or clarifications were requested.
  • Be sure that you also review their skills, how they conduct themselves in an interview with you, and how they address the queries that you have posed. Ask about their accuracy, their track record with other clients, and if you can contact someone that they refer to ascertain their level of professionalism. Knowing how an accountant has performed his assigned tasks for another client here in London can be valuable information that you can use to help you make a confident decision.
  • You should also discuss the confidentiality that you will need when the accountant is working with sensitive information from your company. With all of the cyber crime today, it is essential that you work with an accountancy agency that values the integrity of your data. Discuss how you will get information to the accountant, what type of security that is in place to protect your data, and how quickly they will get your project finished for you.
  • As with all other work that is done for your company you must not fail to discuss in detail the cost, fees, and charges associated with the work that you are assigning. Enquire about hidden charges, any package deals, and any discounts that you may get for a large amount of work or repeat business. It’s imperative that the agency that you choose understands what you want so that they can work diligently to surpass your expectations.


Understanding Simple Debt Management Plans

Debts can be very stressful and cause unwarranted anxiety and suffering to an individual. Most see no way out and are simply overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. Many individuals facing financial crisis in Australia even contemplate filing for bankruptcy. But this should not be the case. You are not alone and there are options to consider before making rush decisions which can further aggravate the situation. The very first step to take is to contact a debt management consultant who will be able to guide you through simple debt management plans which have the power to redeem your financial situation.

debt management

Talk to your consultant and let him know your situation. This will not only help you relieve some of the stress that you have but also give you alternatives. The consultant will help you negotiate for a Debt Agreement which will help you to avoid bankruptcy. This will enable you to maintain your assets and at the same time have control of your finances while repaying your unsecured debts. This is a sure way that will give you the leeway to get out of this financial distress.

When you secure a debt agreement, you are able to renegotiate with your creditors on the best way for you to repaying your debts to the best of your ability. As opposed to bankruptcy, all your secured debts are not covered in the agreement and this gives you the chance to safeguard your assets as long as you are paying your debts. There are fewer restrictions in the Debt Agreement than in bankruptcy; especially if you are self-employed. It is useful, in that it consolidates all your unsecured debts into one repayment plan over a specified period of time.

In this plan all interests are done away with, no service fees are charged and defaulter fees are non-existent as all these are frozen over the agreement period. It includes all your financial obligations which are converted into one payment plan. This is a useful feature as it frees some of your money and this increases your income levels and gives you control of your finances. The agreement does not tie your income and therefore no claims can be lodged against your income. This also applies to your future income even if you experienced increased income or a windfall in future.

Simple debt management plans are effective when you are struggling to pay unsecured loans or when your debts supersede your earning capacity. It is also applicable to individuals who are living off their credit cards or experiencing missed payments and regular tight budgets. For those with multiple debts a debt consolidation plan is advisable but it has a higher interest rate and should be chosen after much consideration. Therefore, the perfect plan for individuals in financial distress is the debt agreement which not only consolidates all your unsecured debts into one regular payment; but also has no effect over your credit rating. It is not a loan and it will give you the much sought-after relief as you cruise your way to financial freedom.

Five Tips for a More Effective Management Training Regimen

As an entrepreneur who is running a small enterprise, it is imperative to improvement a quality management training regimen. This should be at the top of the business resolution list an entrepreneur should have. The said training is as important as product development, sales training, or any other core offering.

It should not be a difficult task to carry out the said training. As long as the business owner just remembers some pointers regarding the matter, then it should be easy to conduct a smart and cost effective training program that will help the employees improve their management skills. Here are some of the core tips that should be followed when it comes to developing an effective training regimen that the employees can participate in.

  • Cultivate a learning culture in the workplace. The entrepreneurs are mostly in the business where they need to create new systems. By training the entrepreneurs, it is easy to get that new system ingrained at the core. It is highly recommended to start proselytizing.
  • Start by paving the way in the training. You will have to make it easy for the employees in your business to participate in the training you have developed. For example, you can hold a brown bag meeting where everyone can be as casual as they can when discussing ideas. If not that, there is also the option of a lunch-and-learn where everyone can have lunch together and discuss details. You will also find it helpful to create central repositories for content.
  • Team up with the management team so that there will be a basic on-boarding course covering from the company’s mission and vision statements to the policy of the workplace. Make sure that the course covers all the essentials for the management team of the company. By teaming up with the management team, you are doing something invaluable that assures everyone will be on the same page.
  • Help supplement the training modules. The best way to do this is by acquiring relevant suggestions via crowd sourcing. There should be a lot of websites online that will allow people to tap into valuable available content. The employees should also be encouraged to participate. They have to feel empowered when it comes to advancing the culture of learning in the workplace.
  • Have proper accountability. This just means that you should make sure that your employees are held accountable for their participation in the company’s training programs. It is important to impart to them the understanding of continuous improvement and that how it is mission critical for their business success. Consequently, when they succeed as individual professionals that will contribute to the success of the company as well.

BONUS TIP: You should keep your eyes on the prize. If you make the training program a robust one, then that will certain improve the business in terms of revenue, retention, and ROI (return of investment).

Once the training program has been in place, be sure to include modules addressing the basic skills necessary for success at the organization. You can incorporate unconventional and conventional sessions. Make the said program fun and relevant.