Major cereal firms investing in organic sector

Perceptions of organic food are changing as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating naturally. This has led to some of the largest cereal companies, such as Kellogg’s and General Mills, investing in organic food production.


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Why organic?

Organic foods not only contain healthier ingredients but also have the advantage of being free from pesticides and other unhealthy constituents. According to the Soil Association, significant differences were found between organic and conventional farming in research published by the British Journal of Nutrition. The report claims that crops grown organically are as much as 60% higher in various antioxidant compounds related to good health than crops grown conventionally.

The same report says researchers found that 53% of people who choose organic food do so to avoid chemical residues. Much higher levels of pesticides and the toxic metal cadmium are found in conventional crops than in organic crops, with cadmium levels building up in the body over time.

Kellogg’s and General Mills

The snack producer Pure Organic has been purchased by Kellogg Company’s Kashi brand. Kashi, which has been manufacturing fruit and vegetable strips, grain bars and nut bars for ten years, acquired Pure, which makes fruit snacks and vegan organic nutrition bars that are free from gluten, dairy and soy, earlier this month. Veronica Bosgraaf, Pure Bar’s creator, says she was excited to join Kashi as it appreciated Pure’s values. A further advantage is that both companies operate from southern California.

General Mills is now partnering Organic Valley, bringing its number of organic brands to nine. General Mills is planning to increase the acreage from which it sources organic ingredients, with plans to double it by 2019.

Cereals processing technology

One of the most important and oldest of food technologies, cereals processing technology involves many procedures from grain cleaning to milling. Processing cereals naturally requires machinery and companies in the UK can obtain used food processing machines at a reasonable cost.

Producers of raw materials right through to manufacturers of the final product all need the appropriate equipment and many choose to purchase used food machinery through Clarke Fussells and other food machinery brokers and auctioneers.

The organic sector is set to grow again following the slump it suffered in the financial recession; therefore, more major companies may invest in organic producers.


UNDERSTANDING, OBSERVING and KNOWING are three phases of a killer content marketing strategy. These three phases are essentially experienced by those who come up with a Killer Content Marketing Strategy. These are not very complicated things, but you need to go through these phases if you want to be better than your competitors.


  1. Understanding how content marketing works: To be good at a game, you need to understand that game first. Same goes with content marketing. Content marketing is nothing but a planned, organized and well thought strategy to use the content for accomplishing various business goals. Now, you must be wondering how content could help you to accomplish business goals. Content can be used to target a particular set of people who can be potential consumers of your products or services. All you need to do is to convince them. You can certainly convince them with the content, if the content tells what they want to know or shows what they want to see.
  2. Observing how others have succeeded with content marketing: Now, I’d suggest you to check out some websites of famous brands who are doing great in the market. On their websites, you will be able to see the content which is read by a number of consumers. People read that stuff because it is helpful to them. They get to know what they want to know from those websites. This is the reason due to which they read that content.
  3. Knowing what your consumers expect from you: This is one of the most important phases, it requires you to know what your consumers expect from you. For this, you will need to write down all the features, benefits and advantages of purchasing your product or availing your services. You need to know what triggers their will to choose your brand. You’d have to prove that your brand is no ordinary brand like others. Once you know what your consumers want, all you need to do is to broadcast/publish that content at places where they can see them.

So, first phase involved understanding how content marketing works; second phase involved observing how others have succeeded with the content marketing and final and third phase involved knowing what your consumers expect from you.

These are necessary phases which help you to devise a perfect content marketing strategy.

Also, you can win at content marketing by hiring a content writer from which is India’s first content marketplace. More than 36 thousand proficient content writers are available to provide quality content to you. Go ahead and register on to describe your order and get content which will help you grow your business.



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Top 7 Tips For How to Find the Best Long Term Health Care Insurance Plan in South Florida

How to find the best long term health care insurance in South Florida is vital for people in the area in know, because South Florida is a very popular retirement area and demand for long term health care is higher there than in many parts of the country. By understanding how to find the best long term health care insurance in South Florida, you will be confident in having made a good choice for your future. Because 50% or more of us will need long term care, it is incredibly important to learn how to find the best long term health care insurance in South Florida and other areas.

Top 7 Tips For How To Find The Best Long Term Health Care Insurance In South Florida

1. Shop around and get several quotes. Then compare them carefully. Because there is no standard policy for long term care insurance, coverage and prices can vary greatly from one company to another.

2. Check the flexibility of the plan, you want the policy to be able to cover whatever type of long term care you choose, including home health care.

3. Check the financial stability of the companies you are seriously considering. You want the one you choose to be very stable, so that they are still around to pay benefits when you need them. The likelihood is high that you will be paying premiums for a very long time before you need to use them.

4. Check how often the companies you are considering have raised their premiums. Rate hikes can only be done across the board, but if the company does them too often, you may be priced out of the product you’ve invested in.

5. Learn how the company determines eligibility benefits. It should be by certain triggers or your doctor’s recommendations.

6. Check the customer service record and complaints record of the company you are planning to business with.

7. Ask friends, family members and financial advisors for recommendations.

Compare South Florida Long Term Care Health Insurance Quotes Online

Now that you have learned how to find the best long term health care insurance in South Florida; you are ready to do price comparisons. By using a free online quote tool you will get quotes from top South Florida insurers and be on your way to a great Florida LTC .

Reduce the Grief of Your Loved Ones by Planning Ahead for Your Funeral

No one wants to think about planning their funeral because the idea of dying is daunting to most people. It is also something that will happen to everyone however, making it a necessary evil to plan for. The main reason to plan a funeral and make all arrangements is to take the stress off loved ones during this time. While it is true that you will not be around to care, your loved ones will so anything you can do prior to your death to help take care of them will be appreciated. It is truly the last thing that you will be able to do for them.

Of course, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of when it comes to funeral arrangements. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as choosing a casket and a graveyard. You will need to make arrangements with the funeral home, choose a service and minister, choose a plot, take care of buying a headstone, select a casket, and set aside money to pay for things that will have to occur after death such as opening and closing the grave. These are just a few of the many things that need to be arranged, but if you sit down with a funeral director they will help streamline the process a bit for you.

It is easy to get depressed and overwhelmed when you tackle the task of funeral arrangements given the high cost of funerals and the actual subject matter, but a funeral director will help you through the process. Those who start early can actually make arrangements to make payments on the funeral costs which can help spread out the final costs. This will also help your family a great deal since you will have paid off all expenses if you start the arrangements in good time.

After all, death is a very devastating event for all family members, and dealing with costly expenditures on top of it will cause stress to pile on top of the overpowering grief. Therefore, even if you do not want to think about it, planning your own funeral can be the last graceful thing you do for your family. This way they will have time to grieve and focus on healing instead of becoming stressed out about how to deal with all of the arrangements. With just a little forethought you can save your family a lot of grief down the line.

PNB MetLife – One of the Best Life Insurance Companies in India

A life Insurance policy is an integral part of a successful financial planning. A life Insurance plan not only gives financial securities, some plans also allow you to create wealth for future. Hence, if you have a life insurance plan from a reputed Insurance company, you can lead a life free from financial worries.


PnbmetLife is a very popular Insurance Company in India. PNB MetLife was introduced in the year 2001. In India the company has secured the trust of over 3.6 million customers. As per the IRDA annual report 2013-14, the claim settlement ratio of this Insurance Company is 90.24%.  The Insurance Company has a widespread presence over 7000 locations across the country. In the last few years the company has seen a huge profit coming from India.

PNB MetLife offers a wide variety of Insurance solutions. Let us take a look at four different types of life insurance products offered by PNB MetLife Insurance Company.

MetLife MeraTerm Plan

It is a non-linked non-participating pure term plan offered by PNB MetLife. The features and benefits of the plan are as follows:

  • The plan offers comprehensive life coverage at affordable premium rates.
  • You can include your spouse in the plan.
  • You can increase your life coverage.
  • Minimum entry age is 18 years.
  • Maximum entry age is 65 years.
  • Maximum maturity age is 75 years.
  • Minimum Sum Assured is Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • You can customize you payout option.
  • Four different rider options are available to enhance your protection.

PNB MetLife Smart One

It is a Unit-Linked life insurance plan offered by PNB MetLife. Following are the features and benefits of the plan:

  • This provides the dual benefit of investment and insurance
  • The plan allows you to take benefit of the stop-loss option that protects you from downward market corrections.
  • Minimum entry age is 3 months
  • Maximum entry age is 65 years.
  • Minimum and maximum maturity ages include 18 years and 75 years respectively.
  • Minimum premium amount you have to pay is Rs. 18000/-
  • The plan allows Single premium mode.
  • You are allowed to withdraw from your corpus (partially) after 5 years from the commencement of the policy.
  • You are eligible to enjoy Tax benefits under this life insurance plan.
  • Loyalty Additions are added to the maturity benefit.

MetLife Smart Child Plan

This is a unit linked child plan offered by PB MetLife. Following are the key features and benefits of the plan:

  • This plan offers life insurance coverage while fulfilling all the future dreams of your child.
  • The plan allows you to secure your savings from market fluctuations.
  • Loyalty additions are payable at maturity.
  • Minimum entry age is 18 years
  • Maximum entry age is 55 years
  • Policy terms include 10 /15 / 20 years
  • Sum assured is 10 times the annualized premium.
  • You are eligible to enjoy tax benefits under this life Insurance plan.

Metlife Retirement Savings Plan

It is a non-linked participating pension plan offered by PNB MetLife. Following are the features and benefits of the plan:

  • The plan guarantees a regular flow of income after your retirement.
  • You will receive part lump sum on maturity.
  • The plan allows you to extend accumulated savings.
  • Simple reversionary bonus and terminal bonuses (if any) are payable with the sum assured.
  • Minimum entry age is 30 years.
  • Minimum vesting age is 50 years.
  • Maximum vesting age is 75 years.
  • In case of your untimely death, the total retirement corpus is payable to your nominee.

Different life insurance plans offer different benefits. Everybody should have at least one life insurance plan. However, it is best to have all the four plans mentioned above for providing a manifold protection to your family. A term plan will safeguard the future of your family in case of your unexpected death. As you get married, you should start investing in a Unit-linked life insurance plan for growing wealth. With the birth of your first child you should buy a child plan that will take care of all the future financial needs of your child. Finally you should consider investing in a retirement plan as this will ensure a financially independent post-retirement life for you.


How to Save Money While Leasing a Car

It is really convenient to have a car with you particularly when you reside in those localities where the public transport is not good enough. There are some places where having your own car is necessary. Moreover, if you wish to follow independent schedules without having to wait for a bus to arrive etc. it is best to have your own transport. You could either buy your own car or opt for leasing or rent a car.

What is leasing?

Leasing a car seems to be similar to renting or leasing anything else. When you rent an apartment, for instance, you get to use the place for a period of time as per the lease agreement and you pay a fixed amount every month as rent. Once the lease contract expires, the property goes back to the landlord.  Leasing a car seems to be very much like renting or leasing an apartment.

You start by paying an upfront money or deposit that is generally equivalent to three to six times of monthly payments for a particular car model. Thereafter, you are supposed to be paying an agreed amount as monthly payment. At the end, the lease contract expires and the car is returned to the dealer concerned. You would have to pay penalties in case you have damaged the vehicle in some way or the other. Car leasing is a hugely popular concept in the USA, where over a quarter vehicles are supposed to be leased.

How to Save Money with a Car Lease

Leasing is relatively cheaper than buying or renting a car. Each one of them has distinct benefits. When you are renting a car, you need to pay quite a small price. The only issue seems to be that you would probably need the vehicle only for a few months. Will you willing to rent a vehicle for many months together? Guess that would truly be a costly affair. You would rather opt for buying a car, instead. However, buying a car could again have its own issues. There would be transfers that require being done specially, those involving money. Transferring enormous amounts of money could prove to be really costly. The banks would be charging quite an amount.

However, when you sign a car lease agreement, you end up saving a lot of money. A lease lets you have the car for a specific period of time. Within that time period, you are supposed to pay a specified amount for using it. Once you have done that, you could return the vehicle to the leasing firm and go ahead with your life. If you are interested in another vehicle you could simply take up a different lease for another car. Visit for more information.

How Much Are You Able to Save?

A lease could end up helping you save thousands of dollars in comparison to buying and renting. With online leasing sites, you could be getting a lease for any span of time. Getting a lease for a short term is mostly the toughest. Leasing helps you to save quite a lot of money. When you opt for some other person’s lease, you easily get a vehicle and at the same time, you can save a remarkable amount of money. If you are thinking of breaking a lease early, you may not worry about spending an enormous amount of money for quitting early. You could simply give away the lease contract to some other individual at a lower fee. Lease a vehicle and be rest assured to save an impressive amount.

Author Bio: Marty Wilkins is a financial blogger and advisor at a consultancy firm. He has specialized in writing articles on a variety of financial topics, including debt consolidation, student debt, and services like

Logbook Loans Reviews – A Financial Assistance in your Emergencies


Some individuals are rejected by payday loan as they are jobless or self-employed as their monthly expenses are higher than their earnings – or sometimes as the minimum total salary requirements in not fulfilled.

Others may have poor credit like be in outstanding with loan installments, defaults, and CCJs although their net earnings are acceptable. Payday lending companies that carry out credit inspection can check your credit situation when they get your financial record. Thus what are the alternatives to payday credits?

Logbook Loan Come into Play

Well, if you have an automobile in that case you may be in luck as you can eligible for logbook loan. These types of loans provide a secured, instant loan solution by making use of logbook of your car as collateral.

Find Reliable Logbook Lending Company

There are quite a number of lending companies in the United Kingdom that provide logbook finances. The company which has a CCL (consumer credit license) to work in the industry, from the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) are usually regarded as been level companies and can be trusted, even though it is better idea to read as a lot of reviews on the internet as you maybe can before getting a loan with a V5 lending company.

The loans are accessible instantly and majority of time it will be a game of matter of minutes. In addition to better still, no credits inspections are performed thus your credit record is not checked and so borrowers will poor credit ratings are accepted. This is excellent thing as even individuals with poor credit history are not rejected from the financial market.

SO what are Requirements to Get a Logbook Loan?

  • You need to be the legal holder of vehicle which has V5 documents
  • The vehicle / car should be clear of dues. If you have a few pending repayments left to clear on vehicle in that case some lending companies will not accept you.
  • Your car should not be more than 8 years old.

Easy Loan Taking Process

Some logbook loan companies have been set up in the country for a number of years. They are reasonable logbook loan providers and will need you to fulfill an easy expenses and income form to make sure you can manage to give the loan back.

A usual APR of 437.4% is not rare and is high however it can be reduced greatly if you choose to pay back the clear the loan before time. In addition, there is a not early clearance charge.

Find No Credit Check Loan Provider

As you have poor credit, logbook loans will definitely be harder to find than if you have better credit rating, however you are still paying borrower. Any lending company that provide UK log book loan without credit check is best for you. You have to compare the rates before applying for logbook loans. Online lending companies are specializing in granting the loan without credit check.

Find Out If CFD Trading Is For You

With a laptop, an initial investment and an openness to learning, anyone can get started in contracts for difference trading or CFD. CFD trading involves making contracts buy and sell shares based on the difference between their value at opening and closing. Its simple nature and the extensive range of shares and commodities that can be traded have made CFD trading one of the most attractive new markets today. It offers different things to different people; while some might trade in CFD as an addition to a regular job, others leave their day jobs behind and start trading full-time. CFD trading offers the chance to make huge returns on small investments, another reason for its popularity, but as with all trading programs, there is an element of risk. It is necessary to be prepared and knowledgeable to avoid the risk of incurring losses and ensuring that CFD trading can be a worthwhile and lucrative opportunity for you.

How to Become a CFD Trader

The most important thing is to be prepared so that you are ready and know how to deal with any market situation that may arise. You should begin by thoroughly researching CFD trading and joining online communities of other interested people. This is a good way to pick up tips and tricks and learn to avoid common pitfalls for beginners, as well as an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. There are hundreds of sites and forums about CFD trading online, so there is plenty of material available. Each site will have its ideas and methodologies, so it may be worth your while to check out a few, as well as becoming active in the forums and seeking out advice from current traders. You can also find many introductory courses to CFD on the web, which will allow you to gain a clearer understanding of the key principles and the fluctuations of the market.

The Right CFD Trading Program for You

There are many different CFD trading platforms available online, dedicated programs which will provide you with a wealth of information on the markets and allow you to make purchases and sales. Each will have a different interface and operate slightly differently, so it can seem like a mammoth task to pick out the right one for you. You can seek out help from experienced traders and look for reviews, but ultimately the only way you will find the right one for you is to try a couple. Luckily, many companies offer trail versions, which offer a chance to get used to the system before you start using it for real, as well as offering beginners a safe way to try their hands at trading and getting used to the markets before they put their money on the line.

it is important that care is taken to choose a CFD provider who can offer sophisticated trading platforms that enable the investors to base trading decisions on the performance of one stock market when it is closing, to speculate on another stock market that is just opening. It is therefore essential that the CFD provider should be able to offer the following facilities in this trading platforms.

1)The trading platform should enable the investor to trade on the world’s trade markets 24 hours a day. Additionally, more and more markets, including the Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF), should be accessible to the individual investors. The trading platform should have advanced sophisticated technology that will find the best offered prices among the leading MTFs.

2)The CFD software should have features like back-up and support that will enable the investor to maximize his profits with ease. In order to make profit with CFD trading, the investor has to rely heavily on the CFD provider and the trading platform that he provides. The former should be able to help with the trading calls for the day and the latter should be able to help in conducting the trade in the shortest possible time.

3)The trading platform should have customizable interface that should be able to provide simple access to a wide spectrum of markets that deal in shares, indices, forex, commodities and others. Moreover, free trading tools and charting packages should be provided by the platform so that the investor can take informed trading decisions based on the real-time news and research provided by these tools.

4)You have to ensure that the CFD platform of the CFD provider is such that an evening order for a stop loss or a limit order can be placed in the evening itself. The online trading software should be able to place an order for the next trading on the previous evening. This type of flexibility will be a great asset for the investor because he will have more time for his routine activities. The CFD provider should facilitate a platform that will enable the investor to place an order even when the market is closed. This feature will enable professionals, day workers and business owners who are not able to attend the market during its working hours due to their schedule of work and other unavoidable circumstances.

5)The trading platform should provide complete functionality and ease of use and enable the investor to have easy and effective access to the market of his choice. Moreover, in volatile markets, it should be able to give a better price than that desired by the investor, if it is available. The investor should also be able to customize the platform according to his preferences. It should be easy to search the desired market in seconds with advanced search features. There should also be one-click feature that will enable the investor to click on the price that he sees and the order would be placed.

These are the essential features that should be available on the platform given by the CFD provider

How Brands Are Like To Be Affected By Modifications of Instagram Feed

Instagram’s recent announcement that it would be changing the way a user views his feed has created quite a flutter with marketers. The algorithm that governs the feed of Instagram would behave more like that of Facebook, wherein the feed would be customized as per the habits of the user. According to Instagram, this change has been necessitated due to the fact that as of now most people are missing out on about 70% of their feeds. Instagram is of the opinion that the change in the algorithm will now deliver feeds that are more relevant to the user as it will be based on what they are really interested in.

This step seems to be a relevant one, keeping in mind the platform’s exponential growth that has seen its user base rocket to above 400 million in a record time. However, many people have severe reservations and more than 190,000 have petitioned that Instagram should retain its chronological feed style, as otherwise not only small businesses would find their reach severely limited but also undermine the democratic nature of the feed. It is unlikely that Instagram will go back on its announcement regardless of the vociferousness of the opposition so there could be a lot of impact on brands and marketers. Some likely issues:

Growth in the Number of Followers

The major problem faced with the chronological feed model is that with the growth in the number of followers, the feed becomes unusable to a large degree due to the clutter. Because Instagram is intent on not only making the overall experience relevant and more engaging for its followers but also to organically grow the platform, the only way this can be done is by filtering the posts as per the interest of the users. The impact of this strategy is that users will now be able to follow accounts that they really like, and these accounts, in turn, can grow much larger. However, marketers will no longer be as certain that their posts are being viewed by all their followers, so the actual count of followers that is the benchmark of account popularity currently will no longer be as relevant.

As of now, it is not quite possible to tell how much the changed algorithm will restrict marketer’s reach but if you go by what has been seen in the case of Facebook, organic growth can become far more difficult. Even in the matter of measuring reach, the total number of followers will tend to become irrelevant, and an increasing number of followers will actually begin to follow more Instagram accounts of their choice. You can learn how to get on top of these marketing challenges by tapping the expertise of the digital marketing team at Instamacro.

Engagement Will Be Even More Vital Than Before

When marketers are faced with an algorithm that prioritizes content based on what it perceives your interest to be in, it becomes all the more imperative for content to be really engaging. If they really want to compete effectively, they will need to focus on creating content with an appeal that will lead to a greater level of engagement. Since marketers will no longer have the assurance of guaranteed reach, there will be a lot of pressure on creating content that is relevant to the target audience and locks them in time. It is expected that overall reach will be dependent on the degree of engagement that the content has rather than just the sheer number of followers.

Influencer Demand Will Rise

Because marketers are likely to find it increasingly difficult to get across to their target audiences organically, they will need to explore other methods. This means that the importance of influencers will rise dramatically. There will also be a greater emphasis on identifying influencers who may have lesser numbers of followers but with a higher level of engagement. Marketers will prefer to work increasingly with influencers with a higher level of engagement so that they can connect better with their followers.

Author bio: Marsha Burton heads the digital marketing initiative for a lifestyle product brand that has been creating waves with its innovative designs. Marsha has extensively interacted with Instamacro to position her brand better on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Wondering Where To Get Financing For Your Real Estate Investments? Read This!

Real estate is the industry where property is bought and sold. Houses, pieces of land and other forms of property are purchased and sold in this market. Many have entered the real estate market and made millions. Unlike the securities market, you need to have substantial capital to enter this market. Stocks can be bought for as little as $20.00. However, you need significant funds to make your first real estate purchase and enter the industry. Read on to discover some sources of real estate financing.

Sources of finance for your real estate investment

There are two main sources of financing for a real estate investment. They include:

  1. Banks
  2. Private institutions

Bank financing

This is a source of financing for real estate investment that is well known and fairly solid. This type is ideal if you have a very good credit history as well as a reputation of secure income from a source such as employment. This income can also come from investments and businesses. Bank financing is a type of commercial lending. Normally, they ask that you put down 30% of the price of the real estate investment that you want to make. Once you provide this, the bank will provide the rest. It is important to know that this percentage is not fixed. It is determined by many factors for example the sort of lender that you are working with, your credit history as well as the performance of the real estate market in your area.

To gain access to financing from the bank, you need to provide a number of documents. These include your tax returns, statements of your income as well as personal finance balance sheets that go back three to five years. In addition to these, you need to have a business plan that is solid as well as specific financial projections. These details should accompany your other credentials when you go to meet the bank. To get everything right, you can consult your realtor. They have had immense experience dealing with such cases before yours came along. Stowe realtors located in Stowe, Vermont is one such realtor firm. Stowe realty has agents who have years of experience negotiating bank loans for their real estate investors.

In some banks, the process of requesting a bank loan requires you to provide various other credentials. Examples of these are cash flow reports and documents indicating the ratio of your debt to cash. Your realtor and your lawyer can help you to go through these details and eventually secure some financing from the bank.

Private institutions

There are private institutions that will lend you some money to make real estate investments. Examples of these institutions are co-workers, family, private funds as well as neighbors. There are also some professional investors who have money and want to invest it. The requirements that you get from such lenders are not as many as those you can expect from a bank. However, the interest rates can be higher and the terms on default much more aggressive. Again, you should involve your realtor when dealing with this source of financing.


There are many sources of financing for real estate investments. It is important that you approach each with your realtor and your lawyer. This way, you will be able to provide the right documents and have them prepared in the proper way.